Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are intended to clarify the fair and professional working relationship established between Anna Lewin trading as The QWERTY Keyboard and you, “the client” when we work together.

Getting started

Jobs are usually agreed on a price-per-project basis unless otherwise specified.

Jobs will start when the client has explicitly given the go ahead. This must be evident in a written format consisting of:

  • A contract, drawn up by The QWERTY Keyboard, signed by the client, OR
  • A written agreement via email

Verbal agreements will not be accepted.

Working together

The QWERTY Keyboard expects to work in partnership with clients.

Both parties agree to work together to complete the project to the agreed timescale.

The client will provide The QWERTY Keyboard with the appropriate information to fulfil the brief.

Any project feedback/changes must be supplied to The QWERTY Keyboard within 14 days of the client receiving copy so that the client’s project can be prioritised. If no feedback is supplied within 14 days, the project will be automatically signed off and the invoice issued. If 14 days is not possible for the client, it is the client’s responsibility to let The QWERTY Keyboard know within the same 14 days so the project timescales can be adjusted.

Additional revisions, changes, and extensions to the project are charged at the rate quoted.


Pricing depends on the type of job and will be agreed between The QWERTY Keyboard and the client before work starts.

The QWERTY Keyboard reserves the right to request a 50% deposit on any project undertaken.

Standard payment terms are 14 days following issue of invoice by The QWERTY Keyboard.

All payments to be made via BACs.

Late payment

Client accounts which are outstanding after the agreed payment terms will be put ‘on hold’. No further work will be carried out until full payment is received. Any future work may require payment in advance.

Payments which are outstanding after the agreed payment terms will incur an interest surcharge to cover costs of recovery (see www.payontime.co.uk for information).

Payments which are overdue after the agreed payment terms will be referred to a debt collect agency and may be subject to a claim being made in the Small Claims Court.

Ownership and intellectual property

Copyright to the assembled copy is owned by The QWERTY Keyboard until full payment is received.

On completion of the project and after final payment is received, The QWERTY Keyboard will assign all rights to the copy to the client.


If the project is cancelled for whatever reason, before copy is delivered to the client, the client remains liable for the time expended to date.

Once the initial copy is delivered to the client (electronically or by any other means) the client is liable for payment in full.

If The QWERTY Keyboard is unable to complete the project (through illness, other personal reasons beyond their control), the client may purchase any unfinished work.


The client is solely responsible for the accuracy of information given to The QWERTY Keyboard. The QWERTY Keyboard is not responsible and cannot be held liable for work produced based on inaccurate or incomplete information. The client also takes full responsibility for acceptance, final proofing and accuracy of agreed work. The QWERTY Keyboard isn’t responsible for errors or omissions.

Confidentiality & Non Disclosure Agreement

The QWERTY Keyboard will not disclose to any third party, any information obtained as the result of a project.

Testimonials and Examples

The QWERTY Keyboard may ask the client for permission to use all or part of a completed project in The QWERTY Keyboard’s portfolio, marketing information, or on the website.