Type of work

Online copywriting

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website copywriting
  • Content marketing and blogging
  • Writing email newsletters
  • Online advertising

Offline copywriting

  • Direct mail copywriting
  • Writing for print
  • Press release writing
  • Writing for printed newsletters
  • Writing persuasive adverts

The Brief

  • To study best practice copywriting techniques through a comprehensive and specialist copywriting training course
  • To complete 11 assignments and 16 interactive quizzes, covering both online and offline copywriting
  • To build my knowledge to give clients the best possible service
  • To complete the course within a year 
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Feedback snippets
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Copywriting Apprentice wings
On website copywriting...

"I liked your different approach. I’m always in favour of making something different – it stands out head and shoulders above all the dull, everyday content. And that’s what a copywriter is meant to do."

Copywriting Apprentice wings
On direct mail...

"You really are flying through these assignments. Well done on another excellent mark and a very good letter!"

Copywriting Apprentice wings
On features and benefits...

"This is what we call a ‘boomerang’ assignment. That’s because we regularly send this one back to people to have another go, so you can feel very pleased with yourself for cracking it first time!"