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Christmas and New Year is a time when many businesses shut down and take a well-earned break (too right!).

For anyone who IS working, it tends to be a quieter time with fewer external distractions. No emails mounting up. Bliss!

These quiet spells are the ideal opportunity to crack on with tasks you’d usually struggle to fit in…

And one area that often gets neglected during the year is marketing content. Now’s the time to review and improve.

Here are some tasks to get stuck into to make sure your content is working hard for you into the new year.

1. Review your printed marketing literature

It’s easy to accumulate literature and lose track of what you’ve got. The end/start of a new year is a good time to take stock and get organised for the year ahead.

Create a log of all the existing literature you have (Excel will do nicely). Note down what type of literature it is, its purpose (must have one!), how many you have and whether there’s a time limit for use. Then, recycle any literature you no longer need or use.

By keeping a log it’ll be easier to spot gaps in your marketing literature and make it much easier to plan for events, etc. It’ll also save unnecessary printing costs while being kinder to the environment.

2. Review your website pages

Have your services changed or have you introduced new products in the last year or so? Is your ‘About’ page up to date? Has any jargon appeared that might confuse the reader?

It’s worth setting aside time to review each page. Is it written in a targeted way for your audience? Is it easy to read? Are the links pointing to the right pages? Is there a clear call to action (telling the user what you want them to do next)? Here are some more pointers for improving your website content.

Clearly, the bigger the website, the bigger the task, so break it down into manageable ‘review chunks’ over a reasonable period of time. To make the process easier, create an inventory so you can track the pages and make a note of changes made.

3. Update your social media bios

The biography or ‘bio’ sections of social media sites often go forgotten, losing a valuable marketing opportunity for businesses. The end/start of a year is a good time to review and freshen up content.

Some pointers to think about:

  • How much you’re ‘allowed’ to write differs according to the social media site you’re using. Twitter allows just 160 characters, for example, so you’ll need to be succinct in getting your message across (not to be confused with tweets which are limited to 260 characters)
  • Write clearly about what you do/how you help people with your product/service – don’t try to be too clever as it might hinder the message
  • Include relevant keywords which can help people to find your business
  • Include relevant hashtags (on the appropriate sites)
  • Mention any awards, etc.
  • Check messaging is consistent across all your social media platforms
  • Make sure you’ve got the link to your website on each platform

4. Get blog-ready

Blogging is a form of content marketing. The aim is to attract potential customers by providing helpful and relevant content which builds trust in your brand. And there’s plenty of research to suggest it’s a valuable marketing tool, as Impact report with lots of additional benefits too! Here’s why content marketing is so important and how to get started.

What helpful content will you share with your customers in the next year?

Now’s a good time to put together a content plan if you haven’t already (which should align with your business and marketing goals). You could blog about FAQs that crop up, events you’re attending, a case study demonstrating how you’ve helped to solve a problem or provide in-depth guides around your product/service (here are 10.5 easy ways to blog for your business). If you’ve already got lots of content, why not repurpose it?

If blogging doesn’t ‘fit’ with for your business, choose a form of content marketing that does. LinkedIn may be more appropriate (how will you engage with people effectively? What helpful content can you share?), or video content…usually a combination is the best approach.


Time to wrap up (I managed the whole blog with just one Christmas pun?!) and wish you a wonderful festive time. Have a great one!

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