Why freelance copywriters make brilliant extensions to marketing teams

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Perhaps you have a small, in-house marketing team and need to outsource content writing on a regular basis, or maybe you need support with a big, upcoming project. Whatever the need, freelance copywriters are the people for the job (not that I’m biased or anything), and here’s why…

1. Copywriters are multi-skilled

Top writing skills are a given, but there’s way more to copywriting than simply writing – like…

  • Research skills
  • Creativity
  • Understanding customers and what makes them tick
  • Writing in your company’s tone of voice
  • A good understanding of SEO to help drive traffic to your website
  • Knowing how to tell a good story
  • Digital marketing knowledge
  • Editing skills
  • Proofreading skills

…the list goes on. ‘What multi-talented beings’, I hear you say.

2. They hit the ground running

An initial (and thorough) brief is a must at the start of any project, but as soon as that’s nailed you can leave us to it – no hand-holding needed. Freelance copywriters are used to getting on with it.

3. Copywriters free up your valuable time

Writing quality content takes time – something most businesses don’t have enough of. Smaller marketing teams often struggle because they already have lots to do, while needing to stay available to respond to issues as they arise.

Writing is hard enough without having all that going on around you, and that’s assuming you’re in the right frame of mind to write (if only it was a case of sitting down and all your thoughts flooding onto the page). A freelance copywriter can remove the writing pressure, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks.

4. Then there’s the flexibility factor

Talking of taking the pressure off, a big perk of hiring a freelance copywriter is their flexibility – well-versed in meeting deadlines. In an ideal world, you’d have all your marketing in order, but in reality, other tasks pop up. Before you know it, you’re five blog posts behind and your email marketing is suffering as a result. Whether it’s writing a blog post, updating web copy or a meaty project…freelance copywriter to the rescue!

5. Copywriters bring a fresh perspective

If you’re too close to your business, it can be tricky to get the creative juices flowing, especially in smaller marketing teams. Copywriters bring a fresh perspective, plenty of creativity and new ideas. Two heads are better than one, as they say (they’re not wrong).

6. You can hire freelance copywriters as and when you need to

You might know your marketing team needs copywriting support but don’t want to hire someone full-time. Or perhaps you’re sceptical of the value a copywriter can bring and want to dip your toe in first. That’s the perk of hiring a freelance copywriter. You pay for the time you use and decide how long you’re going to use their services for – whether as a one-off project, every-so-often or long-term.

7. Copywriters often go beyond the job scope

Three examples:

  1. You need a blog post, but you also need it uploading and publishing (heck, that stuff always takes longer than you think)
  2. You need a leaflet creating but could do without having to brief it to your designers and all that faffy stuff (heck, that stuff always takes longer than you think)
  3. Your email software is set up, but on top of the writing, you need someone to do the sending (heck, that stuff always takes longer than you think)

Sure, the primary role is to create and write, but a copywriter’s role often doesn’t stop there. Delve a little deeper and you’ll find plenty of associated tasks we can help with. I certainly offer these services. 

8. They’re advocates of your business

Since becoming self-employed, I’ve chatted with lots of fellow copywriters and four words come to mind – ‘helpful and caring bunch’. Not only are you investing in someone who will get your business heard, you’re also investing in an advocate who will cheer your business on from the sidelines. Many copywriters work as one man/woman teams (check out the ProCopywriters’ Network) and seeing their clients succeed is what it’s all about.


9. They can work remotely

Thanks to technology, freelance copywriters can work remotely – efficient for all involved. With tools like Skype, email and Zoom there are plenty of ways to stay connected, and you don’t need to worry about overheads. Of course, it all comes down to preference and what works for you as a business – for some, there’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction.

As a Nottingham-based copywriter, I do both – face-to-face meetings with clients in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands, but also work done remotely.

Looking for a freelance copywriter to bring value to your marketing team? Please get in touch by emailing anna@theqwertykeyboard.co.uk


Psst! Copywriters – got any more to add to the list?!


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