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I’ll let you into a secret.

I didn’t know copywriting existed as a job when I started in marketing.

I was writing copy as part of my marketing roles – but I didn’t realise it was a standalone job…or that it was called ‘copywriting’.

So, when I tell people what I do, I completely, 100% get why some respond with a blank stare or puzzled look. That would’ve been me a little while back.

‘A copywriter, you say? So… you deal with copyright and stuff?’

I soon learnt that the best way to explain what I do is by giving examples. So, if you’re not sure what a copywriter does, or think you need one but aren’t sure, these examples should help.

You’re updating your website

You’ve got a website but the content needs updating. Maybe –

  • The information is out of date – it doesn’t accurately reflect your business or do it justice
  • It’s not getting the results you want
  • You’ve added pages to your site over time and the messaging has lost its way
  • You’re looking to expand your site – adding new pages and information

How a copywriter can help

  • Review and edit the existing copy to bring clarity and purpose
  • Review messaging and tone of voice to make sure it’s consistent (over time, it’s easy to lose this if lots of different people have added content to the website which can impact the user experience)
  • Re-write the copy completely (if necessary)
  • Write new content to match the tone and style of your existing content

(See website content writing).

You need words for your new website

You’re working with a web developer to help you build a website. They’re looking after the technical side, but you need someone to write the content. You know your business inside out, you just need help putting it into words.

How a copywriter can help

  • Work with you to create a detailed brief so they can get across the important features and benefits of your business
  • Write creative, engaging and search-engine-friendly content that compels your visitors to take action – whether that be to get in touch, sign up to your newsletter or buy your product/service
  • Work with your web developer to make sure the design and content complement each other

You want to blog regularly to build a relationship with your audience

You’ve been meaning to blog for ages – you know the value of blogging, but something’s holding you back. Any of the following sound familiar? You –

Or –

  • You’ve written blogs but need someone to edit them before you can hit ‘publish’

How a copywriter can help

You need printed marketing materials (flyers, leaflets, brochures, etc.) for an event

You’ve booked to exhibit at an event. You need to organise leaflets and other printed marketing materials, but you don’t know what information to include to make sure they stand out.

How a copywriter can help

  • Write the content so it’s clear and compelling
  • Update existing printed materials to bring consistency and clarity
  • Liaise with designers and printers to make sure the copy works with the design

Course – this extends to any circumstance where you need printed marketing materials, not just events. (See writing for print).

You want to send email newsletters to your website subscribers

You want to keep in touch with your audience by providing them with regular, captivating email content.

How a copywriter can help

  • Write engaging content, persuading the reader to take the next step
  • Create content for A/B testing
  • Maybe even schedule the newsletters on your behalf

You have a new product or service that you want to tell your clients/customers about

Whether you’ve invested in new technology, you’re selling a new line of shampoo or you’re adding a service to your design business, it’s time to let your customers/clients know about it.

How a copywriter can help

  • Write a landing page for your website taking your web visitors through the features and benefits of your product/service, encouraging them to take the next step
  • Write a how-to guide to explain how the product/service works in plain English
  • Create a series of blog posts that guide customers, clients and prospects through the sales process, explaining how it would fit into their lives and helping to overcome any objections they might have

You want to share your successes

You’ve got a list of happy clients/customers and you want to share the work you’ve done and how it’s helped them – without the hard sell.

How a copywriter can help

  • Write a case study (or series of case studies) that demonstrates the value you offer, proven by the customers and clients you’ve already helped

This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives you a flavour of the many ways copywriters can support your business.

In a nutshell – if you need words for your business a copywriter (or content writer) can write them!

To sum up…copywriting –

  • Isn’t anything to do with copyright and laws – that’s a completely different ball game
  • Is extremely broad and varied – anything from one-line advertising slogans all the way through to multi-page documents. Some copywriters specialise in a specific sector, others don’t. It’s about finding the copywriter who’s the right fit for your business (here’s an overview of the copywriting services and packages I offer)
  • Relies on a good brief…the more detail from you, the better!
  • Is a skill. Way beyond ‘just writing’ – it’s about creativity, purpose and understanding your audience. Hiring a professional copywriter will free up valuable time leaving you to focus on running your business

The best way to find out if a copywriter is the right fit for your business? Get in touch and have a chat.

You can reach me by emailing anna@theqwertykeyboard.co.uk.


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