Your copywriting FAQs... answered

I work with businesses of all sizes in a variety of different sectors. I also work with creative agencies, web developers and marketing consultants.

No – I write for a variety of different sectors. With a detailed brief I can write about pretty much any subject!

So far, that’s included…legal, charity, higher education, storage and removals, document management, health and lifestyle, landscape gardening, software development, recruitment, art, photography, data protection, transcreation, hair and beauty, retail, business coaching and textile and fabric. Take a look at my portfolio for examples of work.

Anyone can write…but not everyone can write well. Copywriting isn’t just a case of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and job done – writing is only part of it. First, I need to get an in-depth understanding of your clients/customers (their problems, wants and needs). Then it’s about using the words that resonate with them and structuring the copy in a coherent way.

You don’t want any old words on a page – you want words that’ll have an impact and engage your clients/customers. That’s the skill I bring.

Not to mention I write efficiently, leaving you more time to focus on running your business. 

Please take a look at my copywriting process which outlines the stages of a typical project. This keeps us on the same page throughout, so we can get the most out of working together. The most important thing is communication.

The more notice you can give, the better. As a guide… a minimum of two week’s notice for smaller projects and four weeks’ notice for larger projects is ideal. Having said that… we don’t live in an ideal world and I appreciate deadlines crop up at the last minute! If you’re up against it, drop me an email/give me a call and I’ll do my best to help at short notice.

I price every project individually taking into consideration what’s involved and how long it’ll take.

The good news is you get the right price because it’s tailored to the project. The bad news is I can’t give you an estimate right here and now…which is probably what you’re after! For an accurate quote, please complete my Five Quick Questions form or give me a call.

I charge per blog, taking into consideration the amount of research involved and how long it’ll take to write. For an accurate quote, please complete my Five Quick Questions form and I’ll be in touch.

Writing content from scratch involves the most research and takes the most time… which is naturally reflected in the price.

You’ll get the most from the service if you already have content in place with the ideas mapped out – so I can edit and get it publish/print ready for you. As an example, one of my clients knew what he wanted to say on his website but wasn’t happy with the flow, so he sent it to me to edit/rework. I’ve worked in a similar way with clients on their blog posts – they’ve talked me through what they wanted to say and I’ve written it up. Take a look at my copy editing service if you think it’s for you. 

Please complete my Five Quick Questions form and I’ll be in touch.

I’m led by you. Some clients give me a title to work with and nothing else, while others give me bullet points of the main areas to cover. Research is part of the job. All this can be discussed in our initial chat. 

Yes! I work with clients who need regular, ongoing content like blogs and social media posts. The great thing about working together in this way is that I get to know your business really well over time.

Yes! The perks of working with a freelance copywriter is that you can hire me when you need me… however little or often that might be.

I don’t. There are a number of reasons why samples are bad… for both of us. But there are few things that might help you to decide whether or not I’m the right copywriter for you.

  1. Please take a look at my portfolio where you can see examples of previous work and the type of clients I’ve been lucky enough to work with (if you want to see any more examples or have any questions, just give me a shout)
  2. Two rounds of changes are included as part of all projects – that means, if for any reason you aren’t happy with the first draft, we’ve got two further opportunities to put that right. BUT every project starts with a detailed brief which establishes the aims so we’re on the same page from the start (it hasn’t failed so far!)

My payment terms are 14 days – please take a look at my terms and conditions. The specifics will be agreed before going ahead with your project.

After you’ve accepted the proposal, I’ll work with you to create a detailed brief. The more I know and understand about the aims of your project, the better I can write. Don’t worry – I’ll ask the questions. Then you can leave the rest to me!

Two rounds of changes are included as part of all projects.

Can’t see your question here? Please drop me an email and I’ll get back you shortly.