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“With minimum information you create amazing stories.” Izabela.

About Izabela and Venuso Art

Izabela is a talented artist and founder of Venuso Art. She creates stunning, bespoke portrait paintings for people from all walks of life.

Originally from Poland, Izabela moved to Birmingham in 2011 where she trained at an art studio in Royal Town Sutton Coldfield. She unleashed a passion and skill she didn’t know she had and her talent flourished.

Izabela perfectly captures the character of her subjects, creating exquisite works of art that last a lifetime – no photograph can compete! Her commissions have included politicians, business leaders and families. She’s kindly shared two of her paintings with us – ‘Blue Hat’ and ‘Pearls’.

Blue Hat (displayed with permission from Izabela)

Venuso Art meets The QWERTY Keyboard

I met Izabela at a branding workshop and we’ve been working together ever since. She got in touch because she needed help with her content marketing, specifically with Instagram and blog content.

Her aim was to gradually increase awareness of her brand and build a better relationship with prospective and current clients through –

  • Interesting Instagram posts that shared her artwork, her personality and life as an artist, as well as encouraging website visitors
  • Making better use of her blog by creating helpful and informative posts on a more regular basis

As a busy artist, Izabela was short of time and struggled to post as often as she wanted to.

Izabela also had concerns about the accuracy of her written content with English as her second language. She didn’t have the time to spend checking and rechecking, so decided to outsource it. That’s where I come in.

The artist and the copywriter – how we work together

We have a call once a month where we talk through content for the month ahead.

Instagram content

Pearls (displayed with permission from Izabela)

Izabela prepares an outline of key posts she wants to share. We run through them and I ask any questions to make sure I’ve got all the necessary information. I then go off and edit/re-write them, which usually involves extra research, whether it’s about a painting, exhibition or event. I also include relevant hashtags and Instagram handles. The posts are sent back to Izabela ready to publish.

“Anna, I am really impressed with the changes you have made!!! They are brilliant!! You have read my mind! Thank you for that.”

Blog content

We discuss topics and I give suggestions and ideas. When the topic has been decided Izabela gives me an overview of what she’d like to say and I make notes during the call. I then go off and shape the information into a publish-ready post – again, carrying out any additional research. It’s sent back to Izabela ready to publish. 

“Anna, your blog is beautifully written!! You have captured my thoughts on paper! Thank you.”

Most months the time is split between Instagram and blog content, but occasionally we just focus on one, depending on the needs of the business.

How it helps her business

Izabela has highlighted that working with a copywriter helps her with –

  • Motivation and consistency with her content marketing, helping to grow her business by getting her message out there
  • Saving time – leaving more time to focus on running her business
  • Confidence in the accuracy of the messaging being published
  • Capturing her thoughts on paper

“It is a huge pleasure to work with Anna. She is very organized, punctual and highly efficient. I would like to praise Anna for her empathy and high ability in understanding her clients – she is able to capture the essence of her client’s thoughts. I highly recommend Anna and her company The QWERTY Keyboard.”

Looking for a portrait painting for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Please get in touch with Izabela via her website.


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