Writing engaging content for businesses in Coventry, the West Midlands and beyond

If you’re a business, getting yourself out there is paramount.

How do you do this? Through high-quality, targeted content distributed in the right places.

But, this poses three potential problems:

    1. You don’t know where to start with content
    2. You have content but it needs sprucing up
    3. You don’t have time to create content

This is where outsourcing to a skilled copywriter is a good idea!

Hi, I’m Anna Lewin, a copywriter and content writer based in Coventry, the West Midlands

Let‘s look at how I can help with the above:

You don’t know where to start with content

With more than four years’ marketing experience, including professional copywriting training and the IDM Professional Certificate in Content Marketing, I have first-hand experience in planning and creating quality content that appeals to the audience.

Coupled with digital marketing experience spanning to WordPress, social media and email marketing, I can support with distributing the online content, too.

You have content but it needs sprucing up

First impressions count. Content which is full of typos and errors, difficult to read or packed with jargon is a sure way to say ‘goodbye’ to the reader. That’s why using the right words in a tone the audience resonates with is so vital. As a copywriter with strong attention-to-detail, I can inject some much-needed personality on your behalf.

You don’t have time to create content

Perhaps you’re a business owner or a marketing manager. You know the value of quality content, but you’ve got too much on your plate to take it on and need to outsource it. As a freelance copywriter and content writer, my time is wholly dedicated to creating content which means you can leave it in my capable hands while you focus on running your business. Sound good?

The result of engaging and focused content?

An engaged customer-base, which develops trust, which leads to a relationship, which leads to sales, which leads to repeat custom. You get the picture!

While I’m tapping away from Coventry, I’m easily commutable to other parts of the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, or available remotely via phone, email or Skype.
Get in touch for a chat.